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Hey guys!

So set-up today was pretty wild!
Getting a chance to see some of your dope cosplay outfits, and meeting many of you was a pleasure, but as you all know, the real fun at AWA begins tomorrow!

So I’m definitely happy to be able to share with you all our early beta release.
I definitely look forward to all your help fine tuning this bad boy into something everyone can get a good laugh at!
Myself, and my team members are all grinding heavy this weekend to polish this beta up, with your help, and updating Minor Rampage every day of the event to give you the best experience we can.

You’re probably wondering… WHAT THE HELL IS MINOR RAMPAGE?
Well… have you ever see the movie Step Brothers with Will Farrell?¬† That scene where they all return to the playground to kick some ass?
yep…. that’s a friggin game now. hahaha¬† But of course we had to do it with that old-school SNES feel.

The last 72 hours has been a nightmare… like seriously… come by the booth and just… hit me over the head.
Seriously…. put me out of my misery. LOL
Within the last three days, we’ve faced all varieties of issues from product shipping miscommunications, the Apple App store (nuff said right?), bug testing, Crashed Hard Drives, and then fixed hard drives that crashed AGAIN in the same freakin day!

I could go on forever… but here we are… alive somehow.
This is all for you guys.

Inappropriate humor at its finest Ladies & Gentlemen.
Come say hi at our booth, get some signed swag, download our free game, and you’re automatically entered to be one of four winners to be made into our game!

We’ve all faced a brat on an airline, or in the grocery store.

This is your chance!

So excited to meet you all!
Cya tomorrow!

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